Irish Breakfast Leaf Tea A Blend Of Indian Assam Teas Quite Strong Does Well With Milk


This Orange Pekoe Leaf Tea is a blend of teas from the Assam region of India. The term Irish Breakfast is somewhat of a misnomer as really it is an Indian blend that can be drunk at any time of the day but Irish Breakfast tea is a term recognised as to referring to teas with a good strength, malty and plenty of typical tannin taste. The tannin taste is to an extent neutralised by the milk that this tea would normally take. In Ireland, where milk and dairy products are traditionally a major part of the diet, most people drink tea with milk.

Traditionally English Breakfast would be a black Chinese blended with a strong Ceylon, possibly including some Assam and occasionally an African tea. Basically a mix of whatever appealed to you as a blender. Scottish Breakfast is considered the strongest of the three and would be a blend not dissimilar to an English but with possibly tea from Java included.

The Irish love of tea is perhaps best illustrated by the stereotypical housekeeper, Mrs Doyle in the wonderful Craggy Island Classic ‘Father Ted’.

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