Indian Nilgiri Korakundah Organic Flowery Orange Pekoe Loose Leaf Black Tea


This tea comes from one of the highest tea estates in the world at 7360 feet above sea level. The Korakundah Estate, founded in 1922,  was the first certified organic Nilgiri tea garden and is a self-sustaining community, whose estate funded school is sought after for places by parents from miles around who don’t even work on the estate. This Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance Garden along with other large Nilgiri tea plantations are represented by the Nilgiri Planters’ Association which are headquartered in Coonoor. We are delighted to offer this quality Flowery Orange Pekoe. This full-leaf version, fetches a high price in international auctions, making it unaffordable for most local people. I think you will agree it makes for a wonderful slightly lighter type of black tea can be drunk with or without milk. A delicate, floral, and subtle brew perfect for afternoon tea.

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