Assam Banaspaty Estate Naturally Grown GFBOP Loose Leaf Black Tea Quality Brew Likes Milk


We have added to our extensive Assam collection this quality inexpensive broken leaf. In the words of Helen, our Assam Queen, it is an excellent beginner’s Assam, biscuity and full, but without being strong and heavily malty. Obviously, Helen had hers with milk, and thoroughly enjoyed it, sending me back to make her another one. The Banaspaty Tea Garden comes from Karbi-Anglong District in Central Assam. Karbi is an indigenous tribal community living in Assam and Anglong is a Karbi noun for hills, so Hills of the Karbi people. The District has 1590 registered tea growers and stands at 12th in production among the other 33 Districts of Assam. Karbi-Anglong is famous for its ginger and has been granted Geographical Indication rights and is produced by 10,000 farmers who grow 30,000 tonnes annually compared to the tea production of 4,500 tonnes. I brewed mine this Assam for five minutes using boiling water and had it without milk, Helen with, and we both felt it was fantastic.

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