India Nilgiri Thiashola SFTGFOP Grade 1 Fair Trade Special Finest Loose Leaf Black Tea


Most tea grown in India tends to come from the North principally the states of Assam and Darjeeling, however from the range of mountains forming a part of the Western Ghats between the states of Karnataka and Kerala lies Nilgiri the Blue Mountains. The Thiashola Estate was the first Tea Garden in Nilgiri and was established in 1830. Initially the Garden was cultivated by Chinese prisoners captured by the British in the Opium Wars.

Nilgiri is from the Sanskrit meaning Blue Hill, named because of the Neelakurinji flower that blossoms gregariously only once every 12 years, when in flower the blossoms carpet the hillsides with a vibrant blue colour.

According to their website, the Estate has been certified Organic since 2003 and has been Fair Trade since 2008, this Estate is the most famous of the Southern Indian teas Estates. This Special Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe Grade 1 is most unusual with its multi-coloured multi-sized leaves, a beautiful looking tea that I think tastes wonderful although surprisingly Helen, who is the Black Tea drinker, found a bit Chewy and made the hairs on her arms stand up. I liked its robustness and drank it without milk but it would definitely take milk if that is your desire.

I brewed this tea at 100oC for four minutes, although judging by Helen’s reaction possibly three minutes would be fine/better, but as with all tea drinking it is personal taste. Definitely a connoisseur’s tea that I feel should be in every tea drinker’s collection.

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