India Nilgiri Frost Tea Special Finest Rare Loose Leaf Tea Coonoor Blue Mountain


We have managed to source this rare an unusual tea from the Blue Mountains in Coonoor, Nilgiri. Grown over 1,800 meters from a small start-up garden who pay particular attention to sustainable cultivation and fair wages. Frost normally severely damages tea bushes and can ruin First Flush crops, however, these bushes are pruned back at the end of November so that the freshly sprouted shoots can be processed in January. The frozen leaves are plucked before 5am then taken immediately to the tea factory for processing, the leaves defrost in the withering lofts, apparently the defrosting speeds up the withering process, allowing them to produce extra aromatic top-notes. The taste of this lovely tea is similar to my favourite Pai Mu Tan, and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who savours white teas or quality First Flush Darjeeling. I prepared this with 900C and brewed for two minutes. The restricted number of plants used to produce this tea will always make it limited in availability but definitely worth searching for. The second infusion was absolutely delightful.

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