Honeybush Pure Naturally Grown South African Health Drink Tisane Tea Loose Leaf


Completely free of preservatives, colourants, pesticides and herbicides and completely natural. Honeybush was first discovered by Europeans in South Africa in the 18th Century.  It is called Honeybush because the blooms are bright yellow and smell like honey. The Heuningbos as it is called in Afrikaans, is a genus, Cyclopia consisting of 20 species in the Legume or Pea family and is endemic to the southernmost cape of South Africa.

Honeybush along with Rooibos are said to be beneficial in helping cancer prevention, most likely due to the very high levels of anti-oxidants and antimutagenic properties, as well as having low levels of tannins and being caffeine free.  Mineral absorption is increased, due to the lower level of tannins, when compared to other teas.

Traditionally the leaves of the bush are harvested, cut and then bruised (usually with heavy rollers), and then left in the sun to oxidise. Modern processing involves oxidising the leaves in rotating tanks at 70oC to 90oC for two to three days and then allowing the leaves a final air drying.

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