Honduras Yeni Abrego Micro-lot 1-2-1 Fair Trade Whole Coffee Bean Speciality


We love our speciality coffees, especially those promoting women farmers. AMPROCAL is an all women cooperative in Ocotepeque, Honduras that connects farmers, such as Yeni Abrego, with international markets. Yeni is 22 (in 2022) and learnt from her father, a coffee producer, who helped her acquire the plot she now produces on, Las Vueltas. Her farm is Fair Trade and Organic and she grows Bourbon, Catucai, Caturra, Pacas and Typica strains of coffee. The beans are washed SHG EP beans, pulped and milled at the AMPROCAL facilities. This coffee scores 83.5 with the Speciality Coffee Association. Jim and I blind tasted this coffee along with 2 other Honduran coffees and a Colombian coffee. Along with Julie and Kath in the office this coffee was a unanimous choice. They had theirs as lattes, whilst Jim and I had ours as both a pour through and an espresso. By drinking this coffee you are helping to empower women farmers and you are helping to break down gender imbalances in the coffee industry.  

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