Guatemala Lampocoy Nueva Oriente Medium Dark Roasted Whole Coffee Beans


Nueva Oriente is one of the main coffee growing areas of Guatemala in the Esquipulas Municipal. Compared to the rest of Guatemala’s coffee regions this has very little rainfall but a cool and damp microclimate and produces coffee of a fine acidity and fruity nuances. Lampocoy is a small village that has through the efforts of film maker Detlev Cordts and his wife Milvia Piñeda, utilised direct marketing and enabled the village farmers to obtain 40% more income over the usual global market price.

As the farmers receive more money they are able to take more care in selecting only the ripest red cherries, and ensuring that the processing in not rushed all helping to make this award-winning organically grown coffee bear comparison with the best in the world. Coffee has been grown in Lampocoy for over 100 years but only recently have the farmers stopped being below the poverty line.

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