Guatemala Genuine Antigua Terra Rossa Whole Coffee Beans Quality Medium Roasted


Guatemalan Coffee, especially Genuine Antigua is often considered the best quality in the whole of Central America. Antigua is renowned for its outstanding superiority and characteristics, being the most famous growing area of Guatemala. The fertile conditions on the side of the Sierra Madre provide ideal growing conditions for the Typica and Bourbon Arabica beans. The Terra Rossa refers to the nutrient-rich volcanic soil, which combined with the mild, subtropical climate, consistent temperatures, and heavy rainfall create lush growing conditions. Coffee is one of the main agricultural export products, accounting for 40% of export revenue. Apparently coffee plants were originally brought to Guatemala in the 1700’s by Jesuit priests as ornamental plants. It wasn’t until the mid-1800’s when the invention of synthetic dyes devastated Guatemala’s indigo and cochineal industries that coffee started to be grown commercially.  

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