Guatemala Finca Nueva Granada Estate Monte Flor Rainforest Alliance Medium Roast Coffee Beans


This is the sister coffee to our popular Monte Rosa; we have medium roasted this Monte Flor rather than the French roast that we performed on the Monte Rosa. Both of the coffees are delightful.

Situated in San Marcos the Finca Nueva Granada Estate, sits between the two tallest volcanoes in Guatemala, Tacana and Tajumulco. It is on these steep slopes in rich soil on ancient volcanic ash that the Bourbon, Catuai and Caturra varietals grow.

During the harvest, which begins in October, the pickers pass through the groves many times only picking the deepest red cherries. The cherries slowly achieve their colour under the taller ‘Shade Trees’. The farm is 100% Rainforest Alliance and has its own eco-mill which uses 80% less spring water plus the waste water is used for irrigation rather than returning to the rivers. The skilled workers are rewarded with good health care facilities and free nursery schools.

The plucked cherries are de-pulped and left in their parchment, then dried on patios. After grading the coffee is stored in burlap sacks in a special, dry, wood-line storeroom. Prior to shipping, the parchment covering is removed and Nueva Granada’s blue-green beans are carefully selected again and finally graded.

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