English Breakfast Selected Blend Loose Leaf Black Tea Traditional Blend


In the world of tea, it is always surprising how much new information appears. For example, I have been hunting for a really good naturally grown English Breakfast tea and found this treasure being blended in Germany. What they told me was some history of this type of tea. Apparently, this blend of fine Indian and Sri Lankan teas was liked so much by Queen Viktoria that when she went to Scotland in 1892, she took reserves of it with her which is why it’s called English Breakfast. I love the fact that this story comes with a specific date giving it legitimacy. I also love the fact that they give her majesty their spelling of her name; Her grandfather was the Hanoverian King George III, and her mother was a Saxe-Coburg Princess. This is a powerful, fresh, and strong cuppa, ideally suited to taking milk.

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