English Breakfast Decaffeinated Best Quality Loose Leaf Black Tea Traditional Blend


For those who like a good strong Breakfast Tea but find that caffeine hit too hard to handle, here is the perfect blend for you. It is often difficult to find a good quality loose-leaf decaffeinated tea that tastes of tea and not chemicals or indeed the packaging! We hope you enjoy what is really good tea but without the caffeine. 

To achieve this, the leaves are decaffeinated using High Pressure Extraction with ‘Overcritical’ CO2; this protects from oxidation and means that there is no unpleasant aftertaste. It may all sound very technical but is actually a simple process and does make for a lovely cuppa!

I would suggest brewing at 100o C. for about three minutes, obviously alter it to suit your personal taste. This is a quality tea that can be drunk with or without milk.

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