English Breakfast Best Quality Loose Leaf Black Tea Traditional Blend


This fine blend of Indian, Sri Lankan and African teas is the epitome of the English Breakfast cuppa.

It is a blend of the finest Assam, Darjeeling, Ceylon and African Orthodox teas. This blend uses a variety of leaf size that hold together well as a dry leaf but deliver their differing qualities in the cup. The smaller leafed Assam and African teas help give strength whilst the larger leafed Darjeeling and Ceylon leaves transfer a more delicate and flavoursome note.

The liquor is dark and rich, with a full malty character. I enjoyed it without milk, but Helen loved it with a splash of cold milk. Horses for courses.

I prepared this by infusing for around four minutes at a temperature of 100°C, this is a guideline for preparation, so feel free to adjust to suit your personal taste.

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