El Salvador Jasal Los Luchadores Pacamara Whole Coffee Beans Dark Roast Double Soaked


JASAL is a family run business with over a hundred years of experience. JASAL as a group are renowned for their processing flexibility and eye for detail producing many top lots, but one of the best is Los Luchadores ‘The Fighters’. Pacamara (an El Salvadorian cross between Pacas and Maragogype) is gathered from three contributing farms so extra commitment and effort has to be taken to make sure the picking and processing are consistently in line with expectations. Found in the Apaneca-Ilamatepec region, at an altitude of 1550 metres, famous for its fantastic soils and micro-climates. JASAL have printed the roasters’ logos on the bags and arraigned for all the shipping and distribution. After wet processing, coffee is soaked, Kenyan style, for 10 hours in clean water before being soaked again in another bath of clean water. The result is subtle, but improves clarity, depth, and body. This is one of my new favourites, I really enjoyed it right from the first cupping.

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