El Salvador Finca El Ingenio Honey Processed Rainforest Alliance Coffee Beans


This 100% shade grown, Honey processed (the cherries are pulped but the sticky skin is left on the bean whilst they sun-dry on raised beds) coffee is certified Rainforest Alliance. The sticky mucilage contributes to the sweetness and depth of the coffee taste.

Coming from the Cordillera de Apaneca, a volcanic mountain range in the western part of El Salvador, this fantastic smelling coffee consists of beans from Bourbon, Pacas and the large Pacamara bushes found growing between 900 and 1800 metres. These rich volcanic soils plus warm water springs have helped produce a coffee rich in aroma and flavour with a sweet almost chocolate taste.

The Finca owner Dr. Gustavo Adolfo Urrutia Centeno and his family help make available up to 800 jobs during the March to June harvest time, looking after their workers by providing free food and transportation as well as other Community Social Programs.

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