Earl Grey Imperial Jasmine Loose Leaf Black Tea Stunning Bergamot Flavour Wonderful Afternoon Tea


Well as Earl Greys are our most popular scented teas, we feel it about time to offer yet another to our already extensive collection. This one is different enough to justify its inclusion. Made from Orange Pekoe Ceylon leaves, blended with highest quality Italian bergamot and finally has the addition of Jasmine flowers. The wonderful aroma will definitely tempt you to want to try it. I used boiled, freshly drawn water and infuse for two or three minutes, or three minutes depending on personal preference.  I made mine without milk and drank it from a proper porcelain cup and saucer, I really do suggest that you do the same. The Jasmine works fantastically with the exceptionally long leaves and the exquisite oil of bergamot. An elegant and delightful drink.

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