Earl Grey Ginger and Turmeric Loose Leaf Black Tea with Orange Pieces Fantastic Taste


I do enjoy adding to our tea range, and this tea ticks all the boxes. It’s an Earl Grey, our most popular flavoured type of tea. It is blended with ginger and turmeric, both two of the most successful ingredients in our Mind, Body, and Spirit shows. Plus, most importantly it smells and tastes divine. The base is our ever-popular Nilgiri black tea, making up 77% of the blend, plus dried orange pieces, and finally a mix of ginger, carrot, turmeric, and orange peel. This is finished off with natural oil of Bergamot. A very special healthy Earl Grey tea. I’ve just had a look and we currently stock one dozen different Earl Grey teas, apparently it would appear that you can never have enough. According to the World Wide Web, concerning Ginger and Turmeric, some studies suggest that these ingredients could help decrease inflammation, relieve chronic pain, reduce nausea, and improve immune function. As well as reducing weight, lower cholesterol levels, improve brain function, manage period pains, decrease symptoms of depression, lower blood sugar levels and improve skin health.

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