Darjeeling Seeyok Broken Orange Pekoe 1st Flush Fair Trade Leaf Tea


Spring Valley Tea Garden, or as it now called Seeyok Tea Estate is located 60 km from Darjeeling, in the beautiful Mirik Valley near the Nagri Estate. According to their website, this garden originally established in 1869 and becoming Organic in 1980, the Garden has since become Fair Trade. This has brought a premium to a communal pot, contributing an ambulance, low interest loans for purchasing cows, schoolbooks, scholarships, cooking gas (saving trees) mosquito nets and sewing machines. According to Gautam Mohan, Director of Seeyok Tea Estate, “With each sip you take, the flavour, the taste, is extremely fresh, sweet, floral and gives you a renewed sense of everything and inspiration for the day.”

I brewed for 2 minutes at 90oC and also found it perfect, fresh and grassy, no bitterness almost slightly floral, a definite winner. Also, one of our most economical Darjeeling teas.

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