Darjeeling Phuguri & Orange Valley 2nd Flush Fair Trade Decaffeinated


A blend of 2nd flush leaves from the Phuguri Estate and the Orange Valley Estate. Phuguri produces 150,000 Kg annually all Biodynamically Grown, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, UNICEF-ETP, and Fair Trade. Orange Valley produces 110,000 Kg annually also Biodynamically Grown, UTZ, UNICEF-ETP and Fair Trade. Phuguri uses Hybrid Clonal tea bushes whereas Orange Valley uses old Chinary bushes originally planted by the British or more likely they oversaw the planting. The tea leaves are decaffeinated using the CO2 process, the purest form of decaffeination. This may be the most expensive decaffeinated tea that we sell but blimey it’s lovely. I usually prefer the second flush teas to the first flush; they have more body to them. This high grade, quality tea is spicy and fully aromatic, a delight for a special occasion. This wonderful blend produces a bronze-coloured cup with a harmonious spicy flavour. Generally, one would have this tea black and if prepared correctly should not need milk. I used water just off boiling point at 90Centigrade, you should not need to infuse for too long a time, a couple of minutes is what I usually go for, but feel free to adjust for personal preference. You may wish to garnish this tea with a slice of orange.

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