Darjeeling Moondakotee Early 1st Flush FTGFOP Grade 1 Flown In From India


Translated as ‘Sanctuary of the Moon’, this is our Early First Flush, flown in from India. We have been selling these especially early plucked teas for five or six years now and eagerly anticipate their arrival. This is our 2022 introduction. We have never had tea from the Moondakotee Garden, even though it is one of the larger plantations in Darjeeling. Established in 1862, it’s situated on a spur between Darjeeling East and the valleys of Kurseong, just slightly north-east of the Nagri Estate. The Garden is owned by the Darjeeling Organic Tea Estate, covers 78 hectares, and employs 949 people. The path of the moon over the exposed estate on cold clear nights apparently ‘substantially influences’ the quality of the tea. It is a lovely fresh cup, like Darjeeling teas typically sharp, flowery, and aromatic, with a distinct complex sense of taste and is very enjoyable. The plants grown consist of 80% Camellia sinensis ‘Sinensis’, 14% Camellia sinensis ‘Assamica’, and 6% various Clonal Plants. The leaves are small and slightly curly, more green than black with an abundance of silver tips. I don’t normally try and describe the taste as it is very subjective, however this is a delightful cup.     

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