Couch Grass Pure Herbal Tisane Loose Leaf Tea Or Tisane Praised By Culpeper For Cystitis Amongst Other Things


Couch grass (Agropyron repens) rhizomes are unearthed in spring or early autumn, washed and sun dried.

It may be used for urinary infections such as cystitis because of the herb’s broad antibiotic and diuretic properties. One of the chemical constituents, Agropyrone has been shown to have strong antibiotic properties. Its demulcent properties soothe irritation and inflammation.

Twitch contains vitamins A & B, potassium salts and organic acids. In France, it is a popular tisane for its soothing effects especially good for sore throats and clearing congestion. It was much praised by Culpeper.

Steep for five minutes using boiling water, 100oC.

 It goes without saying that if you're pregnant (or are under the doc for anything) caution should be exercised with herbal decoctions.

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