Rooibos Orange Eucalyptus Flavour Redbush Tisane or Tea Highest Grade Rooibos Great For Colds


We enjoy adding a new flavour every now and again, so here is the latest flavoured Redbush. I may have selected a bit of a ‘Marmite love it or hate it’ option. There is definitely a scent of menthol as well as fresh citrus when you open the packet. It is certainly a pretty looking combination with the orange blossoms and peel complimenting the Eucalyptus leaves and producing an unusual and not unpleasant taste experience. Eucalyptus has long been used as a remedy for relieving sore throats, sinusitis and bronchitis and to be fair it is uncommon to see a Koala with a sore throat. Rooibos is fantastically healthy, so this combined with the orange and Eucalyptus makes for a great drink if you are feeling unwell with a cold, you could try with a spoon of honey, but I liked mine as it is.

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