Bangladesh Phulbari Estate Flowery Pekoe Similar To An Assam Tea And Loves Milk Loose Leaf Black Tea


This rather special black tea from the 616 hectare Phulbari Tea Estate in Moulvibazar is of the highest grade. The Bangladesh Tea Board makes the FP Flowery Pekoe the top grade of the ten grades available.

Moulvibazar is to the Northeast of Dhaka, modern Dhaka is one of the fastest growing megacities in the world, ranking tenth largest with more than 15.5 million inhabitants.

Dhaka was the administrative capital of Eastern Bengal and Assam at the turn of last century, becoming the capitol of an independent Bangladesh following the war in 1971.

As with most Assam type teas, this takes milk very well and in the words of Helen, “Ooooh very nice, very nice.”

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