Assam Panitola Estate FTGFOP Grade 1 Black Tea Loose Leaf Highest Grade


The initials often seen after good quality tea stand for Finest, Tippy, Golden Flowery, Orange Pekoe. A joke among tea aficionados is that it actually stands for “Far Too Good For Ordinary People”. As in any clique, a certain amount of snobbery is to be expected, what we are trying to do is offer everyone an opportunity to sample and enjoy so of the finest teas available.

We have chosen this particular estate tea as it represents excellent value for an excellent high quality tea. The leaves are even and pine needle shaped with lots of tips. A medium to strong, full-bodied, with a slightly malty taste that is surprisingly spicy with a 'reddish' colour. Beautifully refreshing. Basic Assam teas are used in many blended teas including 'English Breakfast’ but you would want to appreciate this single Estate as one would pure malt Whisky, on its own.

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