Assam Orange Pekoe Autumnal Grade 1 Loose Leaf Black Tea Good Quality Indian Tea


We have included this quality inexpensive whole leaf Assam black tea for ‘everyday’ drinking. This tea is blended in Assam from end of season harvested leaves collected in late August early September. These leaves are often offered at a special price that in no way reflects the true value.

These leaves are long and black and produce a copper coloured cup with a slightly spicy, malty character. Helen has been drinking this tea a lot since it first came in to stock and likes it for its simplicity and cleanliness, obviously for Helen it takes milk well and is a great ‘morning cuppa’.

I brew it for between four and five minutes at 100oC. I get a second infusion from it although it is a little weaker. The picture of the tea actually shows the second infusion because Helen had the first… with milk!

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