Assam Kamakhya TGFOP Grade 1 Quality Loose Leaf Black Tea Delightful Flavour Takes Milk


The Kamakhya Tea Estate in Dibrugarh District in Assam is a one of the many small Gardens that produces both CTC and Leaf Teas. There are 177 Tea Estates in the Dibrugarh District alone. There are 27 Districts that produce Assam tea and 803 Estates within these districts, according to the Government of Assam Directorate of Welfare. Assam is one of the most prolific tea-producing regions in the world. Due to the areas lengthy growing season and generous rainfall, each year, the tea estates of Assam collectively yield approximately 680,500,000 kg of tea. The Gardens do not follow Indian Standard Time but have a local time called ‘Tea Garden Time’, it was introduced by the British to take into account the early sunrises.

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