Assam Joonktollee TGFOP Grade 1 Loose Leaf Green Tea Wonderful Quality


Tippy, Golden Flowery, Orange Pekoe. Grade 1 is one of the highest Indian classification tea grades available. Moreover, this is unfermented green tea is a real connoisseurs delight from the famous Joonktollee Estate. On 6th August 1874, John Elliot Esquire was given the task of promoting a small Tea Estate in Upper Assam and so was formed the Joonktollee Tea Company Limited. That name is today synonymous with premium Black and Green Teas.

This unfermented tea is of supreme quality producing very fine and even, slight green leaves. It has a sparkling flavour and an excellent aroma. Assam does not produce much green tea, so it is wonderful to be able to offer a tea of this character and scarcity. This is a noteworthy addition to our ever-growing collection of health-giving green teas.

These leaves are usually fermented into Black TGFOP Tea, but a small percentage are kept back, withered, and processed in a certain way, the slightly grassy scented leaves produce a delicate pale amber coloured cup and a wonderful green tea note.

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