Assam Halmari Estate TGFBOP Award Winning Loose Leaf Black Tea


  • The Halmari Estate is found on the northern bank of the River Brahmaputra in the district of Dibrugarh in Upper Assam.
  • The 374 hectare plantation grows pedigree clones TV-1, S3A3 and P126A, obviously to those of you in the know, this is quite impressive to the rest of us we will let the tea tell us how good these clones are.
  • The Halmari Estate is Rainforest Alliance certified and runs an ethical labour welfare program and apparently has the cleanest and best factory in India.
  • They also hold the record for the most expensive tea sold in 2015 at the Kolkata auctions.
  • They also took gold in the North American Tea Championships in 2016.
  • Finally they are really chuffed to be included in a collection of 9 teas sold as a Top Tier Tea Collection by Harrods
  • The tea itself comprises striking looking, rough, small leaves with many golden tips. It produces a dark infusion with a wonderful fresh bread smell and a spicy and malty taste.
  • I made this tea with boiling water and steeped for four minutes, go more or less depending on how you like your strength.
  • You will receive 75 grams of this tea for £5.00. This will make between 37 cups and 75 cups of tea using two grams per cup. This works out at between thirteen pence and six pence per cup.

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