Assam Bukhial Estate Cut Torn Curled Loose Leaf Black Tea Inexpensive Quality Strong


We have included this quality inexpensive broken leaf Assam black tea for ‘everyday’ drinking. The Bukhial Estate belongs to the Bishnauth Tea Company which in turn is part of the world’s largest privately held tea plantation group, George Williamson Assam Ltd. The garden is situated on the south side of the Brahmaputra River, in the Golaghat District, near the remote area of Nagaland. This area of Assam has lower than average rainfall which makes the bushes grow more slowly but intensifying the flavour. The Estate is home to wild elephants and the area is quite prone to earthquakes but despite this the hot and steamy monsoon season and the dry and cool winter combine to make a fantastic cup of tea. The Bukhial Estate mainly produces CTC and Orthodox Tippy teas. Cut Torn Curled or CTC leaves make a good quality inexpensive strong cup of tea. I brewed mine for three and a half minutes with boiling water and had it without milk, it was fantastic

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