2016 Our Health Tea of the Year?

Moringa Whole Leaf Organic Infusion

Moringa oleifera is a marvellous tree, due to the high level of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that this tree holds it has also been called the “Tree of Life” or “Miracle Tree”. Originating from the southern foothills of the Himalayas it is now found cultivated in several countries where the young seed pods and leaves are used as vegetables, the flowers are edible when cooked and are said to taste like mushrooms.

Moringa has significant nutritional potency and contains all the nine essential amino acids that our bodies can’t produce, specifically in the correct ratio for humans. As well as improving your body’s natural resistance to infection and disease, Moringa is also well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. As well as being good for the skin and promoting cell structure, Moringa tea gives the drinker a natural feeling of ‘well-ness’ and boosts your energy levels.

You can make Moringa Tea by using hot water at 90oC and brewing a large teaspoon of leaves for between 5 and 10 minutes. Honey can be used if you have a sweet tooth. Alternatively you can add 500ml of cold water to a large spoonful of Moringa, and for taste mix with a little honey, fresh ginger and orange juice and refrigerate for 8 hours.

Helen and I thought the taste was lovely and thoroughly enjoyable without the need to add anything else, but as we always say, "it is always personal taste".  

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