Somebody knows me too well

Dominican Republic Cibao Altura

Apparently my love for Caribbean Coffee is known not just to my gentle readers but fellow roasters too, who couldn’t wait to casually drop in the conversation that they had a new Dominican Coffee, and did I want to try some? Is water wet? Is the sky blue? Is snow white? Do bears….. you get the picture.

So basically a Co-operative made up of family small-hold farmers who get to grow and produce their own coffee which the co-operative ‘coffee processing machine’ processes and then the co-operative pays back the families accordingly. Admittedly no Fair Trade certification but to be honest that would probably just be an additional expense that comes off their bottom line, but we know that it is as good as.

Does it live up to my Caribbean expectations, you bet your Dominican Peso it does. Rich, full of flavour, no bitterness, smooth, it pretty much has everything any coffee drinker wants. The Italian roast is perfect for this bean or rather blend of 90% Typica 10% Caturra beans. The mix is perfect combining old school beans with a smattering of new; simple and unpretentious.

Also this coffee has the added advantage it comes from a Caribbean Island that America and ‘the largest online payment system’ company don’t view as illegal. Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy.

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