A Golden Pagoda from Yunnan

Oh so quick…

Just to say that both Elderflower and Stinging Nettle Teas are back in stock after a small hiatus. The Japanese Sencha Sakura and an unordered black Wild Cherry (rather than the green Wild Cherry) are back on the lists and in quantity. But most excitingly this week is a rather rare black Yunnan tea called GOLDEN PAGODA ORGANIC HAND TIED. It is quite sublime, a smooth, delicate and enjoyable taste and flavour as well as the joy of watching leaves that have been tied together slowly unfold into an anemone shape. We have filmed this riveting experience (obviously nothing better to do!) and may with any luck succeed with uploading it to YouTube. I will keep you informed.

A Golden Pagoda will only set you back a quid, go for it!

Enjoy your Tea, G

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