The World's Most Expensive Porcelain Cup

The precious Chinese porcelain cup, also known as the “chicken cup” among art collectors, is decorated on both sides with a rooster, a hen and chicks walking amidst lilies and roses. This cup is representative of the height of the Chenghua Style in Chinese Art. The particularity of this style can be found in the paintwork, which is applied in several layers and which allows the cup to be dated between 1465 and 1487. There are only 17 known specimens worldwide, four of which are privately owned, the rest can be found in museums.

World's Most expensive porcelain cup

The Chinese collector Li Yiqian purchased one of the rare cups at an auction in Hong Kong in 2014 by bidding the unbelievable record amount of 36 million US dollars for porcelain. Moreover, he paid with his credit card. Li Yiqian has led a colourful life, from taxi driver to businessman, and is renowned as an eccentric art lover. In 2012 he opened a museum in the Chinese city of Pudong, where he exhibits the treasures he has accumulated.

(courtesy of D&B)

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