Week 1 In my Year of Tea

Week 1 –Year of Tea

A Golden Rule of social media is regular posts and original content. This is surprisingly difficult, because despite being very noisy IRL, I'm actually really quiet on my networks preferring to sit back and watch it all unfold around me. Therefore I needed a reason. What better excuse for a daily post than a different tea every day? As I read these back it becomes apparent that some of them have been 'sold short' with a cursory "yeah I drank that and liked it" - I've decided that I will revisit before the year is out.

Day 1 Sometimes only 'English-style' will do...
sipping on a malty and very moreish Assam Hathkuli
Hoping to post a different tea every day #明けまして
Cable Mug Assam Hathkuli

So Day 2 of my ‪#‎yearoftea has had me glugging a Rooibos with Cherry and Moringa. I'm probably the last person who needs a super healthy‪#‎detox tea but it tastes aMAZing anyway.

Mug of Rooibos with Cherry and Moringa

Keeping me calm while stocktaking is ‪#‎Day3 's choice - a delightful Rose Gunpowder. ‪#‎yearoftea

white cup rose gunpowder stock check


Absolutely loving #teaoftheday Number 4! Really rich and malty, you can read about it here  It's a  Rwandan Rukeri Pekoe Organic Fair Trade

Mug of Rwanda Rukeri on Ladybird

So it's Day 5 in the ‪year of tea house (yes I did the accent...badly) and I'm on a cracking tisane: Moringa Leaf- it's very delicate but really tasty. It's also one of those superfoods that'll soon be touted by hipsters everywhere- you heard it here first....

White Cup Moringa Leaf Tea

Day 6: sees one of my favourites - a white tea that's actually purple.Malawi Bvumbwe Red Peony - it's bleddy lovely...really clean with almost a buttery finish.

PeriodicTable Mug Malawi Bvumbwe

Day 7: of my ‪#‎yearoftea sees me popping out of me comfort-zone with a whacky flavour... Cucumber and Marmalade and it's really rather tasty! As soon as the warm and languid afternoons get here I shall be making iced tea out of this. I reckon it would be BRILL with gin

Mug of Black Tea with Grey Cat

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