My #yearoftea with a different #teaoftheday

If you follow us on Twitter , Facebook or Instagram, way back on January 1st I decided to embark on a 'Year of Tea' by drinking a different tea or tisane every day. This wouldn't be a great hardship as I drink gallons of the stuff anyway. I was simply going to do it more 'mindfully' (to use that ghastly expression). I even made the decision to not limit it to teas which I like but to hopefully rethink teas I don't like with a fresh approach...we'll see about that as I've not worked up the enthusiasm to do that yet.

Anyway because I'm a bit of a Chocolate Teapot in the 'Media-Savvy' department it didn't until now occur to me to post them here - I know ! 

So because we're on Day 34 already, and as none of the posts are terribly large or in-depth it may be better as a weekly round-up rather than a daily post

So watch this space.....

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