Zambia Mubuyu Farm AAA Grade Coffee Beans Medium Roast Fantastic Flavour


We have not had Zambian coffee for ages, probably over twenty years. Zambia doesn’t produce much coffee and only started growing in the 1970’s by 1980 it was exporting 350 tonnes. The Mubuyu Farm is part of Munali Coffee and is found on the slopes of the blue Munali hills, at an altitude of 1108 metres. The farm is 60 hectares and is family owned. The cherries are hand-picked between April and September in the dry season. The cherries are immediately processed, they are washed and pulped to remove the pulpy red flesh, the flesh is collected composted and used as an ethical fertiliser. The beans are then fermented, enhancing the flavour. The wet beans are then sun dried on patios for 1 to 2 weeks, being regularly raked to ensure even drying down to 11% humidity. The sundried beans, now called parchment are bagged and taken to the warehouse, where a machine removes the parchment, and they can now be sorted and graded. As you can imagine a triple A grade is the highest produced. The coffee has a lovely chocolatey taste with a fruit note. I’m sure you will enjoy this lovely coffee and welcome back, it’s been far too long.

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