Yemen Mocha Matari Whole Coffee Beans Medium Roast Extremely Rare Good Depth


We have not had the pleasure of this coffee for a great many years, probably over twenty years. It’s a much sought-after coffee for lots of reason. Yemen was the first country to actually cultivate coffee as a crop, as opposed to simply picking cherries from wild plants. The coffee was taken from Ethiopia and grown in the highlands on terraces cut into the slopes. The coffee was exported from the port city of al-Mokha from as early as the 15th century. It was the world’s largest producer of coffee and by the late 19th century was exporting more than 50,000 tonnes. Today, with the terrible humanitarian crisis production dropped to a low of 500 tonnes in 2015 although this may have risen to 2,500 tonnes currently. Understandably due to the war, accurate figures are impossible to find. The name Arabica, synonymous with quality, stems from the Arab Peninsular of Yemen tradition of producing such fine tasting coffee. The Matari is a compact bean, and it is from this Yemeni stock that the Coffea arabica Typica strain was spread by the Dutch first to Malabar in India and then on to Indonesia or the Dutch East Indies. Mocha Matari has a distinct flavour profile, the natural chocolate undertones have made the Mocha name one and the same with any chocolate coffee drink. The drink is full bodied without any undue acidity and has a sweet aftertaste.

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