Vietnam Tau Chua-Lai Chau FOP Green Organic Loose Leaf Tea Unusual Speciality


These lovely, smoky green, beautifully curled leaves come from the ‘Tuyet San’ tea trees which grow up to 10 metres in height in the mountain ranges of North Vietnam, at altitudes of 1500 metres. These mountains are almost always covered in thick clouds, helping to create ideal growing conditions. Green Tea has been produced in these mountains for more than 2,000 years. 

This tea growing area consists of many family run small holder estates. Since 2012 this has all been under controlled organic cultivation, this has been carried out in cooperation with the Cao Bo Factory. In September 2015, the factory has implemented practices for certification for Fair Trade status.

When brewed, the cup has a bright colour with a fruity and floral aroma and fresh grass-like notes. I brewed this rather special first flush tea at 80oC. for two minutes, adjust for personal preference. You can get at least three infusions making it very good value.

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