Vietnam Tam Duong Naturally Grown Bio Pai Mu Tan White Tea Loose Leaf Rare Health Giving Tea


This Vietnam Biologically Grown White Pai Mu Tan is a delightful delicate cup, lots of silver tips (using the Imperial plucking method of the bud and one leaf) all makes for a striking golden cup. The tea is like a traditional Chinese Pai Mu Tan from Fujian but is enjoyably different. The Tam Duong District is found in Lai Châu province in the Mountainous far North West of Vietnam. Lai Châu is the least industrialised province of Vietnam, with neither an airport nor a single railway. Most of the roads are not up to much with most being unpassable during the rainy season. So, all things considered a rare and lucky find. In 2007 Hanoi’s industrial output was 93 times than that of Lai Châu. The main agricultural crops are rice, maize, cassava and tea. The tea is sold to other provinces with the finest exported abroad.

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