Uganda Mount Rwenzori AA Grade Washed Whole Coffee Beans Good Depth


We have stocked another Ugandan coffee to complement our Drugar AA Grade. Drugar stands for DRied UGanda ARabica and refers to Natural processed coffee. This washed coffee sometimes called WUGAR comes from ‘The Mountains of the Moon’ home to many glaciers. Ptolemy identified the legendary Mountains of the Moon as the source of the Nile, indeed mountain streams form one of the sources. The highest peak, Margherita is the summit of Mount Stanley, (I presume) at 5,109 metres. In 1906, 43 named glaciers were distributed over the 6 mountains in the range covering 7.5 square kilometres, by 2005 less than were present on only 3 mountains with an area of 1.5 square kilometres. This lovely coffee has none of that ‘tanginess’ often associated with East African coffees, good espresso I suspect.

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