Turkish Apple Tea Fruit Infusion Delicious Natural Flavours Very Healthy Vegan Tisane


Generally, most Turkish Apple Teas are a ubiquitous sugary instant, just add hot water and prepare to be disappointed, drink. This lovely little combination is anything but. Not an artificial flavouring in sight, nor any preservatives, just, 87% pure apple dried apple pieces, sugar crystals, and lemon grass, with some natural flavouring. The flavouring is almost like ‘pear-drops’. Positively lovely and a refreshing drink any time of the day, either hot or cold. To make hot, add boiling water to a heaped spoonful, per person, wait five minutes, strain, and drink. To make cold, add a spoonful and a half per person, add cold water and steep overnight in the fridge, then strain, and drink. Naturally, caffeine free and vegan, this tea can be enjoyed by all ages and at any time of the day.

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