Timor-Leste Hand Picked Natural Whole Coffee Beans Medium Dark Roasted Coffee


The coffee industry of Timor-Leste (East Timor) is the largest non-oil export. Since the introduction of coffee plants by the Portuguese in the 1800’s, the industry has contributed a sizeable portion of the county’s employment and is a major source of income for rural communities. This coffee comes from the district of Liurai in the municipality of Aileu, where grows the renowned ‘Hybrido de Timor’ strain of Coffea arabica, known for its high resistance to Coffee Rust a disease that devastated coffee production for years. According to Wikipedia, Timor-Leste’s coffee production accounts for under 0.2% of the global coffee trade: however, it remains in a unique and opportunistic position given its standing as the largest single-source organic producer globally. The National Co-operative Business Association describes the emerging coffee as “one of the finest and most unique coffees in the world”. Additionally, Alf Kramer, a leading coffee expert has described Timor’s coffee as “among the top 1% in quality and price worldwide”.

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