Thailand Pang Khon Mystic Hill Tribe Whole Medium Roasted Coffee Beans


We love to buy unusual coffees with unusual names, probably why they give them unusual names to begin with. The Akha tribe are one of many hill tribes in Northern Thailand, the village of Pang Khon is near the plantation where fruit and forest trees provide plenty of shade for the coffee bushes. At 1,300 to 1,500 meters, with limited use and availability of chemicals and a government keen on maintaining and preserving the natural resources of the region, this area is able to produce some very fine coffee. The village families, have combined into a co-operative, to use the coffee production to help fund the improvement of local living conditions. They are able to sell their coffee direct onto the international market, without the use of intermediates. The coffee is of good strength and has a mild chocolatey aroma. I am unsure as to the Mystic connection but full marks for marketing.

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