Thailand Doi Chaang Whole Coffee Beans Fair Trade Medium Dark Roasted Coffee


This unusual Fair Trade AA grade Single-Estate coffee has an intense fruity floral aroma and a heavy full-bodied profile. Rare and highly sought after, these choice coffee beans have been slowly and carefully roasted for a vibrant and distinctive taste.

The taste is slightly reminiscent of East African Coffee and would definitely give any Kenyan coffee a good run for its money. I really enjoyed it, almost sweet with great depth and a lingering aftertaste, I had mine midmorning but it would make for an excellent after dinner coffee.

Doi Chaang coffee farmers enjoy a unique position in an equal partnership. First, the farmers are paid in excess of the price recommended by the Fair Trade Organization for their green beans by Canadian, Doi Chaang Coffee Company. They retain 100% of the proceeds from the sale of their beans.

Second, in recognition of their contribution and to improve the Thai farmers' living standards, the Canadian Partners have "gifted" the Thai farmers a 50% registered ownership in the Company. 

Only those superior beans will be sold under the name Doi Chaang Coffee Company, while the other 35% of production, comprising of various sized and broken beans, will be sold directly by the Thai farmers, for their sole benefit, to international coffee buyers. 

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