Thailand Choui Fong Green Tea A Healthy Green Tea From A Rarely Sourced Country


Apparently a large proportion of Thailand produced tea is based on imported know-how from Taiwan, whilst the growing of this particular tea is purely Thai craftwork, the selection of the leaves is by professional specialists from former Formosa. From 1,200 meters above sea level, the Chiang Rai Garden has been established for over forty years. These nicely ripened hand-picked tea leaves, show themselves as premium quality. Long, rough rolled, anthracite coloured with some silvery tips, the dried leaves curling, quite naturally into beautiful shapes.

The flowery scented tea has plenty of body and the taste lingers on the tongue. In the words of Helen, “it’s a bit Japanesey.” Which I take to be quite good, I certainly found the tea wonderfully refreshing and indeed a premium beverage.

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