Sumatran Cafe Femenino Permata Gayo Coop Fair Trade Whole Coffee Beans Medium Roast


This Grade 1 Arabica shipped as Mandheling Mountain is not grown in the ‘Mandailing region’ of Northern Sumatra but comes from Gayo region of Western Sumatra, it’s named Mandheling to differentiate it from the Sumatran Lintong, a region with a specific processing style. Formed in 2006, 50 coffee farmers from five villages started the sale of organic beans. By 2010 the group had grown to 1,400 members gaining Fair Trade accreditation along the way. Fair Trade premiums have been allotted to the Permata Gayo’s Women’s Microcredit Program, which allows members to take out loans with little or no interest to start small businesses and increase their income to supplement the seasonal coffee production. The Fair Trade premium also goes towards training and educating cooperative members on sustainable agricultural practices.      

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