Stormy Weather Herbal Tea A Wonderful Smell A Best Selling Herbal Infusion Not Just For Bad Weather


  • This  Stormy Weather Herbal tea is perfect for drinking as soon as you return home having been out in those foul meteorological conditions.
  • The lovely summer has gone and the stormy autumn is upon you, now get out this tea and cheer yourself up.
  • Obviously you can drink this Herbal Infusion any time of the year and probably need no excuse, however from a marketing point of view you have to have an angle...
  • The selection of choice ingredients is what goes to make this one of our most popular Herbal Tea Blends. We haven’t had it for a little while and it has been missed but it is back and ready to put a smile on your face and a warm glow in your tummy.
  • Enjoy this combination of herbs: raspberry leaves, rose-hip peel, aniseed, apple pieces, fennel, blackberry leaves, wild strawberry leaves, peppermint, sunflower blossoms, ribwort, elderflowers, melissa, mullein and peony blossoms.
  • I brewed this herbal infusion for five minutes at 100oC and it really has a wonderful smell . When we last had it in stock it was our best selling Herbal Infusion, one smell of it and you will be hooked.
  • You will receive 85 grams of tea for £5.00 this will allow you to make 42 cups of tea. Two gram per cup, this tea can be re-infused a few times giving up to 127 cups of tea. This works out at between eleven pence per cup and four pence per cup when re-infused. 
  • At Gently Stirred every order is gift wrapped so if you're buying for a number of different people just add that information at checkout

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