Stormy Weather Herbal Tea A Wonderful Smell A Best Selling Herbal Infusion Not Just For Bad Weather


This really is bad weather tea for drinking as soon as you return home having been out in those foul meteorological conditions. The lovely summer has gone and the stormy autumn is upon us, now get out this tea and cheer yourself up. Obviously you can drink it any time of the year and probably need no excuse, however from a marketing point of view you have to have an angle.

The selection of choice ingredients is what goes to make this one of our most popular Herbal Infusions. We haven’t had it for a little while and it has been missed but it is back and ready to put a smile on your face and a warm glow in your tummy.

Enjoy this combination of raspberry leaves, rose-hip peel, aniseed, apple pieces, fennel, blackberry leaves, wild strawberry leaves, peppermint, sunflower blossoms, ribwort, elderflowers, melissa, mullein and peony blossoms.

I brewed this infusion for five minutes at 100oC and it really has a wonderful smell and when we last had it in stock it was our best selling Herbal Infusion, one smell of it and you will be hooked. 

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