Rwanda Karaba Koakaka Co-Operative Fair Trade Coffee Beans Medium Roast


Grown on the slopes of the Virunga volcanos in the district of Karaba. Keen on women's empowerment, the cooperative was led for many years by a female president and a third of its members are women. The 1994 genocide left a devastated and struggling economy, virtually overnight, the role of many Rwandan women changed not only did they have families to care for on their own, but they became the primary breadwinners. After handpicking the cherries, the coffee is taken to a central washing stations for careful processing. Floatation tanks separate defective cherries, while grading channels sort the coffee by density. The quality coffee is then fermented in chambers that are cleaned daily. When the washing process is complete, the coffee is then sorted once more and placed on sun-drying tables. The Karaba cup is sweet, floral, and fruity with hints of delicious citrus. The coffee has a medium body and honey notes.

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