Rose Hip Shells Tea Fruit Infusion No Caffeine Vegan High in Vitamins C & A


Rose Hip tea is reputed to contain large amounts of both vitamin C and vitamin A, both of which help to support the immune system. Plus copious quantities of antioxidants and flavonoids to fend off free radicals we may have found the perfect elixir. However I have come across some reports that the drying of the Rose Hips reduces dramatically the vitamin content, isn’t the internet a wonderful thing.  In Sweden the Rose Hips are called Nypon and are used in a famous dish Nyponsoppa. The hips are picked after the first frost, boiled with sugar until they are soft then chopped fine with a blender, sieved and thickened with potato flour. It can be a breakfast soup or a dessert soup. Possibly a Scandinavian version of Chicken Soup for fighting colds and flu, obviously the internet disagrees and agrees with the health benefit of Chicken Soup. We have sourced the shells, basically the outer covering part with all the goodness, not the fine internal hairs, traditionally used by boys to make itching powder.

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