Peruvian El Gallito Fair Trade Medium Roast Whole Coffee Bean 1-2-1 Micro-lot


The producer of this coffee is Co-operatva Agraria Frontera San Ignacio or COOPAFSI and is made up of 330 small-growers from 16 communities. The organisation provides coffee collection, marketing, social and micro-financing, to its partners as well as technical agricultural training and health funds. El Gallito de las Rocas, also known as Cock-of-the Rock, is a bird found across the higher altitude coffee producing areas of Peru. This delightful coffee scores an impressive 84.25 with the SCA and is composed of Bourbon, Caturra, Mundo Nova and Typica varieties. I’m delighted to offer this new coffee to you our discerning clientele. I shared a pot of coffee with our decorator, Terry, who has tried quite a few of our coffees and in his words. “one of the best”. I made us a pot of the darker roast  and can agree, a delightful full coffee with a very pleasant fruity taste, the medium roast is even more pronounced. To quote the cupping notes, “Chocolate, caramel and peachy syrup in an understated, all-day-drinking style cup.” 

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